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Bucket Buddy Pro
Bucket Buddy Pro
Bucket Buddy Pro
Bucket Buddy Pro
Anyone that has ever worked on a roof knows the danger of tools and materials falling off or even worse, you or your crew falling off the roof because of tools and materials laying scattered on the roof. Our patented rooftop platform system safely solves this and many other problems. With Bucket Buddy you can have all your tools and materials organized safely on the roof.
Introducing Bucket Buddy the revolutionary new rooftop safety device designed to provide you a safer more efficient working environment on any rooftop.
  • Instantly transforms any rooftop into a safer work environment in seconds.
  • Improves productivity and work flow while reducing on on-the-job injuries.
  • Easily adjusts for use on the peak or provides a level surface when used on the pitch.
  • Keeps tools and materials convenient and out of the way so you donít trip.
  • Put two Bucket Buddy HD’s together for a level work scaffolding platform. Perfect for you and your materials.
  • Constructed from high grade steel and incased in powder coating for long lasting durability.
  • Securely holds any standard size five gallon bucket.
  • Optional accessories include water cooler holder, roll dispenser and umbrella stand.
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